Sunday, 30 October 2016

Future of Islamic finance in India

The global economic market is undergoing through dramatic changes that increases the risk of investment in developed and developing countries.  But Indian banks and financial institutions managed this economic crisis by maintaining the growth rate. Indian economy still grants investment opportunities to big and small industries for short and long term. Realizing this fact Islamic investment is getting more acceptance. Also Economists predict huge scope for Islamic finance in India by analyzing the present Indian economic conditions. By understanding this government of India has appointed a high level committee to analyze the future scope of interest free banking in India.

The world economy is now shifting from Europe to Middle East and South East Asia; in this context, foreigners have recognized Indian markets as a better place for investment. Secura is a well structured venture capital investment company in India where funds are organized under the provision of Indian trust Act 1882. Secura is an Islamic finance company that conducts business based on Islamic or shariah laws. Islamic financing companies all around the world never invest funds in unethical business ventures like manufacturing of narcotic or tobacco products, gambling and in any business related to non-halal products. These principles help to increase the moral values in the society and assure better economic growth rate too.

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