Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Dependable Investments

Investment Management companies pool the assets of investors and helps to achieve investor goals along with organizational rules. A high caliber management team can help their clients to invest their asset in a wide range of types of investment which the investors alone cannot reach.
Secura is an investment management company which provides services to venture capital funds, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, offshore funds, private equity funds etc. The funds launched by Secura are the first SEBI registered real estate venture capital in Kerala and venture capital fund in India. Secura’s expertise management team of secura helps the company to create a benchmark in the Venture capital industry. All the investments of Secura are based on Islamicway of investment in India. Investment funds of Secura are Sharia compliant funds in India.
Investments of Secura are based on:

  1. ·         Fund Investment Philosophy
  2. ·         Secura India Real Estate Fund
  3. ·         Secura India Realty AIF

Fund Investment Philosophy
Beyond the conventional financing, Secura provides services to venture capital funds in India for innovative entrepreneurship. The promoters of high risk or high growth ventures may give ideas and concept of relevant track record. Venture Capital financing is nothing but the investment in sectors of high risk with an expectation of high returns. Venture capital financing in India at all stages are carried by investing great collaboration with the developers from the beginning to the end.  Venture capital real estate funds in India offer efficient management of diversified investment and thus reducing the risk. Secura presents a unique business model to achieve good returns in each stages of the business. With proper guidance from Sharia principles and careful study on investment Secura give life to an innovative investment model.

Secura India Real Estate Fund
Secura India real estate fund is categorized into two:

Domestic scheme 1: Secura make investments in equity or equity linked investments which are acceptable to the principles and objectives of the company. The investment and operations of the fund are in listed or unlisted companies in other countries subjected to the prevailing laws and regulations in India. All these investment strictly follow the rules and regulations of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).Secura funds are SEBI regulated real estate investments in India .Thus Real estate venture capital funds in India will be having a minimum value of RS.5 Lakhs and there is no cap for maximum deposit amount. Mumbai based Taqwaa Advisory and Sharia Investment Solution Private Limited (TASIS) is the Sharia Advisor of the fund and IL and FS Trust Company.

Limited is the trustee
Domestic scheme 2: Along with the company goals, Secura makes investment in equity by satisfying all the principles of the organization. As it is registered under SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), the funds are invested following all the e rules and regulation of SEBI. Like Domestic Scheme 1, scheme 2 requires a minimum investment of 5 Lakhs and no maximum cap. The trustee is IL and FS Trust Company Limited .The Sharia advisor is Mumbai bases TASIS.

Secura India Realty AIF
Secura has launched venture capital funds and managed two domestic schemes. Successful payback records are there for Secura India Real Estate Fund Domestc scheme 1 while Secura India Real Estate Fund Domestic scheme2 is in the investment stage. Now Secura Investment Management Private Limited, the SEBI registered real estate venture capital fund in Kerala and SEBI registered Sharia fund in India has launched a new Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) .Alternative Investment Fund is the third investment management by Secura Investment Management Private Limited. The minimum investment for an Alternative Investment Fund is 1 Crore. AIF targets investing in privately identified realty and development projects. Trustee to AIF is IL and FS Trust Company Limited. Taqwaa Advisory  and Sharia Investment Solution Private Limited (TASIS) is the Sharia Advisor of the fund.
The advantages and benefits of Reality Alternative Investments are:
  • ·         Investments are at Land-cost stage. Invest funds in collaboration with developers or land owners from start to the end.
  • ·         Fund capitalizes on both early mover advantages as well as reaps the benefits of economies of the scale in the implementation along with geographical spread of investments.
  • ·         Alternative Investment Fund reduces the risk of real estate.
  • ·         The range of possibilities that Alternative investment fund offers are much more than direct investments.
  • ·         Entry cost of Alternative fund investment is lower than that of individual investor.

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