Thursday, 1 August 2013

Islamic Finance – A Viable Alternative for Conventional Finance

You can see that, Islamic Financial service Industry has expanded globally and has spread their operations among various countries. It is clear that, Islamic finance has a great opportunity and arena in front. Secura is the only Investment Company became known as a role model and trend setter in this ground. During the entire investment phase, Secura mobilizes fund from retail investors like you and groups them into a pool of investment. Your pool of investment is then kept in a conventional bank. One of the interesting factors behind this conventional bank is that, it pays zero interest.

Units are then allowed to you at the face value till the initial closing. We will pay you 2%-4% of premium, even if you are ready to invest after the initial closing. The only condition is that the premium is only allowed in compliance with Shariah Law. The premium attained is the additional capital brought by you. Secura allows you to share the profits proportionately with your counterparts, who had invested at an earlier stage. Unfortunately, if your investment gets failed, we won’t redeem the unit amount, as it is the Shariah rule for that. We are the one who does JV’s with reputed entrepreneurs in Kerala to develop commercial, residential or retail properties. Secura divides its fund among four or five projects to hedge the risk. 

Each and every step of your investment is monitored by Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions Private Limited. Islamic Financial system as you believe, not only confines to banking, but also covers insurance, formation of capital, capital markets and all other types of financial coercion. The regulatory framework for your investment, developed via the aspects of morality and ethics in addition to prudent and sound controls. You can view Islamic finance as a form of ethical investment or ethical lending. If you want to go for a moral investment with zero percent interest, then Islamic financing is the right choice. For getting more information about our novel financing strategies, visit  

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