Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Shariah law: Islamic finance & Islamic Investment

Islamic finance is provided by Muslim corporations such as banks and other lending institutions. They raise funds In accordance with Sharia Law or Islamic law. According to this law they invest only in good deeds. It is a unique social responsibility investment, there is no division between spiritual and secular, and hence its reach is proper in the field of finance. The Islamic Banking concepts are accepted worldwide and are prohibited by the payment of interest or ‘Riba’.

SECURA Investment ManagementCompany is the first Shariah certified venture capital fund in India and is the First SEBI Registered Real Estate Venture Capital in Kerala, which is promoted by the Hi LITE group. As an Islamic investment company we follow shariah investing and we are encouraging shariah compliant investments to the investors. We have reputed professionals in business to provide investment management services to venture capital finances, real estate venture trusts, mutual funds, offshore funds, private equity funds or any other funds. Investment Management is controlled by an experienced Manager and a high talent team with relevant knowledge in real estate, legal, corporate, finance, construction, development, retail and other sectors. Since 2011 we are managing with investments. Our expert fund management team provided value services and has created its own unique presence in the Venture Capital business as well as in the Shariah applied financial models in India.

One of the biggest alternative financial systems in the world is Islamic finance or Islamic banking, and many financial providers and investment management companies are there to help individuals seeking financial help. Islamic banking and finance methodology has a huge scope in the entire world. It not only covers the needs of Muslim population, but is in the way to fulfill the entire development need of the community. It can provide cost effective and easy available capital to small entrepreneurs in India and can contribute much to the economic growth of the country. With the constant effort from the Government and Reserve bank of India to make this industry a feasible one, the Islamic banking sector could get a better future ahead. If you are keen at investing in the Sharia way, our investment managers will help you. Islamic banking and finance methodology can provide cost effective and easy available capital to small entrepreneurs in India and can contribute much to the economic growth of the country. 

Besides the globalization and convergence of financial services, there is a remarkable scope for Islamic banking system in India, as India is in need of major investments in its infrastructure. Apart from being a viable alternative to capitalist financial system, the interest-free Islamic banking solutions in India provide help to bankrupt farmers, laborers and other marginalized groups. Islamic investment bank in India will get the opportunity to attract funds that conventional banks cannot and will be able to attract Middle East’s high investible surplus.

For MOre About Islamic Finance : http://www.securaindia.com

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